My dragons(on forum)

Korana, Banded Featherlure, she is my main dragon OC(concept by me, revamp by NightmareRebuff)

Korana, Banded Featherlure(Thanks to DragonofAkasha for this beautiful artwork of her,

Nightfrost Thanks to DuskDaybreak for the awesome drawing of her
Gaara, my Sand Wraith (Thanks to SatsuAyaka for the awesome drawing of him) He is my main racer in game.
Moonbeam, my light Celestial Starcaller(By Siren-Spirit)

Nightfrost, in a HTTYD/Lilo and Stitch crossover chibi form(by NightmareRebuff)

Stormfire(By NightmareRebuff)

Stormfire(by NightmareRebuff)

Zindra, My Nightmare Fury(adopted from NightmareRebuff)

Azura, My Dream Eater Fury(adopted from NightmareRebuff)

Ziyou Fen, my Oriental Serpantfang(adopted from NightmareRebuff)
Nuvola, my Maned Cloudangel(adopted from Muselyn)

My Staring Deceiver(by Chimchim24)

Tarragon, Greater Banded Geckus (adopted from themasterplan47)
Icecloud, my Spotted Mistwalker

Sylvanus, my Totemic Terror, edit by Nightmare Rebuff

Starfire(By Rae Didgeridoo)

Aniu, my Nobody Fury(by NightmareRebuff)
Violetta, my Spirepoint Gemspitter(adopted from NightmareRebuff)
Leafpool, my Whispering Whisp(adopted from DuskDaybreak)
Rukia, my Armored Midnight Fear Stalker(adopted from DuskDaybreak)

Xinua, Nobody Fury ( made by Nightmare Rebuff)

Azulan , my Primordial Acidspire(by NightmareRebuff)

Azulan, my Armoured Quadeye(adopted from Spy)

Azul Mist, son of Azulan and Silvermist(Spy’s Armored Quadeye) thank you!
Nightflame, Ashed Fire (concept and colors by Spy, base by NightmareRebuff)
Wildwillow (Tri-Horned Striker, adopted from Spy, base by NightmareRebuff)

My fan dragon, revamped by NightmareRebuff:

Colour(pronounced like Koh-lore)

Nora ( Banded Featherlure, Korana’s sister)
Wavesong, my Aquaborealis(made by Spy)
Stormspirit, Aquaborealis(daughter of Flash Volt(Spy’s) and Wavesong) Personality: This young female acts dominant. She flares her bright markings and wings, trying to startle other dragons. Her tail is unnaturally strong, and she is at home in storms. Rarity: 3.5/5
My superman fury, (thanks to DuskDaybreak)
Dusk, my Thundering Toxijowl(thanks to NightmareRebuff)
Loki, and yes…I’m running out of name ideas…but I did just watch Thor…and the name Loki sounds pretty cool….(thanks to Defy)
Wavecrest, my Windblazer(concept and colors by Spy, base by NightmareRebuff)

By Arkeyla:

Starflight, my Featherfan(adopted from Arkeyla)
Sundapple Species: Featherfan

Adopted from Siren-Spirit:


Fire Celestial Star Caller(thanks to Siren-Spirit) By Chameishida:

Awesome drawing of my Skrill Tanza
Quince, my Slithering Fluoroscale(adopted from NightmareRebuff)
Stormgale, Mainrai Oiche(adopted from Rasvim1313)
Nightcloud((daugter of Perlato Royal(Midnightmare’s) and Stormgale))
Nightmist(Nightcloud’s little sister)
Firestorm(son of Draco Survivor(Spy’s) and Stormgale)
Nightshade, topaz Acidweb Cavecrawler(adopted from NightmareRebuff)

By Spy:

Twilight Mist

By Fairy:

Mireldis ( Spiritwalker)

By Autumn:

Nightfall ( Hypnotizer)
Tidestorm ( Waveglazer)

All of the following are adopted from Rei:

My Ferocious Riverfang
Moonshadow (Nightskinned Bandersnatch)
Moonshadow ( Nightskinned Bandersnatch)
Stormfang (Skull Fury)
Ryuu (elemental fury)
My Night Speed
Stardust(Night Wraith)
Chromasia(Skrill Fury)
Mistyleaf( Grapplewing)
Snowfire (Bewilderfury)
Starflower ( Sickle-clawed Deepstalker)
Strela ( adopted skrill)
Sunfall ( adopted Speed Stinger)

By Rasvim1313:

Me and my skrill Tanza

By Slurpie:


By Kembenosa:

Starshine ( Celestial Soul)

By Defy:


By SleepyRaccoon: By Nova:


By BeaReptileLover:


By Lisiechap:


By BarkingGhost:

Cloudstorm rainbow edit

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